The entertaining interactive book for our children and yours.

Makes your kids think about fair sharing and their individual needs.

The beautifully animated story of the baby elephant Baboo as he adventures through an African jungle. Over 180 fun hidden animations to discover and play with, plus sounds of the jungle, song and more.

The application by Narrow Street Games & Natural Synergy is a stunning experience for iPad.

Sounds of the jungle and animals

No reading skills required, storyteller function included.

Comes with song, sheet music, chords for guitar and lyrics

Vibrant handmade illustrations of the jungle and animals by Rudolf Doulík

Questions that help children think about their feelings, emotions and the world

Story written by Lenka Míkovcová


One size doesn’t always fit all. The story of Baboo the Baby Elephant shows us this, as he adventures through the African jungle. Along the way he meets his animal friends, who share their helpings of food with him, giving him true experiences.